Untuk apa blog ini?

1:48 pm


Blog ini adalah khas untuk merakamkan detik-detik penantian kelahiran baby kami ke dunia ini. Sebelum ini aku mempunyai blog peribadi. Bukan satu malah tiga barangkali. Aku tidak mampu bertahan dan stay, mungkin jenis aku sedari dulu lebih gemar menyimpan dalam hati sendiri tanpa meluahkan pada sesiapa pada apapun medium.


Since I was small, I liked pink so much or typical girl who been exposed to 'fact' that girl should like pink more than other colours?Then I found a blog which the author is a pink addict. I was like "omg this lady really liked a.k.a addicted to pink!" Her clothes, gadget, her house (curtain etc) and even her blog are using pink hues. Then I realize me myself which I claimed the so-called- pink-lover is not so pink! My clothes and tudungs are mostly green, blue, black, orange and other colours. My gadgets like handphone and laptop yes pink. My pencil case pink and only two pencils are pink. Nehhh I am Not So Pink lah in that case. I am only like to see pink hues I guess.

So here is my blog. As a companion when husband is working and while having rest during my pregnancy before I start my internship next year. In Shaa Allah *smile*

Yours truly,

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