Pregnancy: The wishlist

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Nahhh September is finally here. Then October will come. Guess what? My estimated due date (EDD) is in the month of October which is my birthday month as well *Ehem.

Last tuesday, my hubby and I went shopping for our future baby *In shaa Allah. I won't say shopping sakan or orang Sabah cakap berabis shopping because I already listed out the basic needs for our little munchkin. That list syukurlah prevent me from impulsive shopping. Siapa cakap aku tiada sindrom mak-mak yang menggila tengok rompers yang comel comel itu? Siapa cakap aku tiada nafsu membeli benda-benda comel untuk baby dalam perut ini? Nama mak or bakal mak harus ada rasa begitu.

Tapi aku kuatkan hati. Thank God beloved hubby accompanied me so adalah yang ingatkan sepanjang sindrom mak-mak menyerang walaupun hubby pun hampir terbabas *giggles

So Alhamdulillah baby stuff- checked!
Now proceed to my preparation receiving my precious baby in shaa Allah.
The preparation involves physical, emotion & spiritual.

I joined few FB groups for mommy and mommy-to-be. I read  many experiences during labour which turned me into a "jot down-every-single-tips" person to avoid bad experience during my time nanti *May Allah ease everything nanti.

Here is my so-called wishlist *teehee


1. Bersalin when my baby in full term condition which is usually after week 36 if I am not mistaken.

2. My delivery mode will be normal. I keep saying that to my close friends. I do not want any drugs, cut or operation. I wanted to feel the labour pain and berjuang dengan bantuan Allah SWT.

3. My hubby will accompany me during labour which until now I am not sure he willing or not. I do not want to force him. I will let him say it to me willingly.

4. I could breastfeed my baby sejurus selepas baby saya lahir (kan orang selalu cerita, baby keluar saja nurse or doctor akan letak bayi atas dada ibu) so bonding time can start immediately.

5. Tidak mahu ada koyak, pretty please...

6. I could apply breathing techniques which I learnt before delivering my baby.

7. I will not panic during that chaotic moment. Why chaotic? Entah.

8. When pushing, I reserve energy dengan elak nangis or screaming. 

9. Kalau bersalin goverment hospital, minta-minta dapat doctor and nurse perempuan. Kalau boleh biarlah doctor and nurse yang berpengalaman handle my case. Sebab before this I heard some bad stories involving practical doctor/nurse.

10. My mom akan jalani pembedahan mata dengan lancar dan selamat before saya bersalin.

11. Last but not least, may Allah SWT eases the process and ibu dan baby selamat keduanya. Aamiin..

Ya I know some of my wishlist macam demanding, but I am an ordinary woman yang mana masih ada rasa  mengharapkan sesuatu. Apa-apa pun SEMUANYA/EVERYTHING adalah diluar kemampuan saya sebagai makhluk biasa, hanya ALLAH SWT yang BERHAK. Jika Allah menyatakan jadi maka jadilah KUN FA YA KUN...

Till then,
yours truly,

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