Surprise surprise!

4:02 pm


Rezeki tidak semestinya duit.
Rezeki datang tidak semestinya kita tahu bila.

Tapi when it comes to KECUAIAN, regretting is the only thing that we can say/feel to describe how frustrated we are.

Benda ni baru terjadi. Baru TADI. yes tadi.

I misplaced my broadband hence the only way I can browse internet is through my phone. I do not know either this problem only involving me or most facebook users. I could only open my inbox but not OTHER FOLDER. This folder can be opened when I online through PC or notebook.

So, today I have the chance to open my other folder since I found my broadband. Surprisingly...

The message that really make me wanna jump! Sent by the representative.

But wait!
Look at the date! Clearly the message was sent to me on 29 August and today is 9 September!!!

 Is this for real? I opened their fb page (Nestle MOM & ME
and scroll

That's my fb name!

Without further due, I tried to message Nestle MOM & ME fb page. But they did not responding.
Dang!!! Why not I just reply the one who message me earlier. I contacted their representative and guess what?

He/She said I still can redeem the prize!

Then, I sent my details to them and hoping that the prize can reach my house safely. In Shaa Allah.

among 137 sharing (comments), there is mine included.

I intention actually just to share my experience because I am aware that women undergo different experience during pregnancy. Bak kata orang, lain orang lain caranya!

Win or lose belakang kira. Tapi kalau menang apa salahnya teehee.

Then langsung tidak terfikir pasal follow up benda ni sampailah hari ni.

maafkanlah atas grammar yang bersepah sana sini *malu*

So, moral of the story:


disebabkan letak broadband merata-rata, disebabkan tidak follow up bila join any contest, disebabkan lalai tidak ada inisiatif buka other folder, hampir hampir nangis tiga hari tiga malam.

Nasib baik penganjur masih berbaik hati izinkan redeem hadiah.

Thank you Nestle MOM & ME.

P/s: Cannot wait to get my prize. Dear baby, I guess you are proud of your mom? love you munchkin

Till then,
yours truly,

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